The Curse of the Cursor.

This VR artistic experience aims to immerse the player in a metagame, a game within a game, through the history of video games.

The result of the project is a first-person VR game in which the player takes the role of a cursor who wants to become an NPC.

The game is available for Oculus Quest.


This small 2D platformer is inspired by the presence of CCTV in cities. In this game you will have to complete each level with each character as quickly as possible and with as little anxiety as possible.

Each character is created randomly, which makes some levels complicated or even very complicated.

The Rite of Passage.

This walking simulator will ask you to run through the hot desert of Mifuno. You play as Mìjo, a teenager from the Shimusogo tribe. You must complete your initiation rite to become a full member of the tribe.


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